Hog Roast - Woodhouse Farm

Woodhouse Farm provide traditional hog roasts at any event using our home reared pork, beef and lamb. This service is available throughout the UK.

We can cater for your event. We offer genuine Spit Roast Pork, Beef or Lamb roasted slowly to produce real crispy crackling and succulent meat.

Our whole Spit Roast Pig, Beef or Lamb is freshly cooked and carved hot to customers. We provide a real meal that will be a major focal point at any event.

If you are looking to source meat for your own outside event or are putting on a good BBQ then our home made Beef Burgers or our home made speciality sausages are ideal. Our sausages are hand-made using real sausage skins and only the finest ingredients. We only use shoulder and belly pork in our sausages.

Hog Roast Prices

By Woodhouse Farm. All inclusive:

  • Upto 110 people starting from £600
  • 110 - 150 people starting from £650
  • 150 - 200 people starting from £750
  • 200 - 250 people starting from £830
  • 250 - 300 people starting from £900
  • 300 + Please call us (01455 851242)

Includes: The pig , roasting machine, gas, rolls, apple sauce, napkins & stuffing, cooking carving and serving, eat all you like.

DIY Supply Only

  • Upto 150 people starting from £450
  • 150 - 200 people starting from £550

Includes: the pig , roasting oven, gas & delivery. Lamb or beef also available. A spit roasted lamb will cater for up to 60 people and starts at £450 per lamb. A beef roast starts at £6.75 per person. Price includes: Cooking, carving and serving. Bread rolls, napkins, sauces.

Homemade Options

We can also provide our home made options, all of which are produced on our farm.

  • Hereford beef steak burger £3.50 / person.
  • Speciality sausages served in bread roll £3.00 / person.
  • Pork and apple burger £3.00 / person.
  • Hereford beef rump steak £7.00 / steak.
  • Chicken breast portion £3.50 / person.
  • Pork ribs marinated £5.00 per rack.
  • Minty lamb chops £5.00 / person (2 each).
  • Peppered pork steaks £3.60/ steak.
  • Vegetable burger £3.00 / burger.
  • Gluten free sausages. £4.00 / person, including a gluten free roll. Vegetable skewers (mushroom, aubergine, onion, peppers) £3 / each.


  • Green Salad, Tomato, Roast Potatoes £5 / person.
  • Green Salad, Tomato, Coleslaw, Pasta £5 / person.
  • Jacket Potatoes £1 each.

*All prices quoted above are a guide and subject to change and a reasonable delivery charge if traveling over 40 miles from the Farm. For a quote and more information about our services please call Andrew: 07970 030156 Or email:info@woodhousefarm.co.uk

Hog Roast Catering - Woodhouse Farm